Why Make us Your Handyman?

There definitely isn't a shortage of Handymen in the Redding, CA area. If you Google the words "Handyman Redding, CA" you will literally find yourself swimming in a sea of handy and not-so-handymen who are ready to serve you. So, with all of these options available why choose us?

1. Excellent Quality

- We take every single job and give it the utmost care. Lots of Handymen see the big picture when doing home repairs but miss the small details. This is where we shine. You can rest assured that when we complete a job it will look/operate like new when we leave. Just take a look at the reviews on our homepage or Yelp and see what our clients have said about our work.

2. Connection

- If you have ever used a Handyman or even a Licensed Contractor you'll soon find they are notorious for being hard to get ahold of. We make it easy for you to connect with us and get updates on your job. We use current technology so you won't have to chase us down to get a price quote or come finish a job. We stay connected with our clients from start to finish answering any and all questions they have.

3. Professional

- We consider being invited into your home and providing you a service our privilege. And because of that we always operate and communicate in a professional way. We arrive in our scheduled window of time, drive clean vans and dress in our Advisor Services uniforms. We want to show you and your home the respect you deserve.

Contact us today and make us your Handymen!

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