Nestle in with a *Nest

Living as Millennials brings certain perks, one of those being our love for Technology and all that goes with that. We have welcomed Alexa into our everyday lives; she makes things at home easier. Now we have a new friend; the *Nest Yale smart lock system. Wow, this just made my life easier. It has a whole host of features including generating door codes for entrance to various people for certain days and even hours. Oh no! Aunt Martha just called, she arrived early and is on her way to your house, but you're stuck at work! No problem, just access your Nest from your smart phone and open the door for her on the spot.

Running an AirBnB? This device gives you the ability to generate door codes for each guest, having multiples on different days and times, all that expire when their visit day and time expires. Not only that, you can email your guest with those codes immediately. This is certainly a great gadget; imagine the possibilities! It's like having a butler at your door 24/7. What a great way to add value, as well as ease to your home and your life. Call an Advisor technician today; we will come and install one for you, no fuss, no muss. Start living life as a fully satisfied and equipped Millennial. *Yale® is a registered trademark of Yale Security Inc.

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