It's Time To Winterize!

Life! It's what you want from your evaporative cooler. It may be simpler than you think to extend the life of your unit with simple seasonal maintenance. You wouldn’t skip oil changes on your car would you? Don’t skip important winter maintenance on your swamp cooler either. What you ignore may hurt you! Remember, Evaporative Coolers have water lines that need to be winterized to avoid potential problems with freezing and bursting. Also, many have metal as well as plastic parts that can corrode if left with standing water over winter months; corrosion is the #1 killer of evaporative coolers according to the experts, so don’t get caught with this killer! Along with corrosion, standing water can mold and cause unwanted odors and bacteria, Yuck! These are just a few reasons to give your Advisor Handyman a call to schedule your Winter Evaporative Cooler maintenance. Keep that Swampy happy and healthy, so it performs for you every year keeping you cool and happy!

Evaporative Cooler

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