Having a Hard Time Getting a Contractor or Handyman?

It may be hard to find qualified help in California. Handymen are limited to jobs that are $500.00 or less including materials! There are plenty of Handymen out there, but if they are on the up and up, they are limited as to what they can do for you unless they have a general contractor license; having a handyman business license is not the same as having a general contractor's license. We saw the need for an intermediary service that could take on your smaller jobs, that are over the handyman limit and scope of work, jobs that require a little more technical expertise. Too many contractors are busy with large jobs; they just don't have time for those things that you need done, such as a dry rot repair, with a subsequent sheetrock repair and paint. These types of jobs can be discouraging and frustrating to find help for in this industry. That is why we are here. We help home owners, just like yourself get their smaller jobs done, and we do it legally and right! You can trust that when you hire us, our work is backed and legit. We are Advisor handyman/contracting General Contractor License # 1059511. Give us a call and get those jobs done right.


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