Dirty Rotten Siding!

It's Hot, Hot, Hot! Blessed summer months; time for your sprinkler system to keep your grass from becoming a dead zone. There's something that you may not notice behind the scenes of all your sprinkling though; Dirty, Rotten, Siding! Yes, the grass may be greener, but is there a scoundrel robbing your pocketbook of all it's green while you are completely unaware!

What are the first signs that your sprinkler system has done your house, and your pocketbook wrong? Quite likely, none to the naked eye. That's the business of dry rot; it is truly Rotten! There are a few things you can do too preventative these bad boys from making a meal out of your house. First, make sure that your sprinklers are not wetting your siding. If you notice that the walls of your home are wet or stained from the water contact from the sprinkling system, you will want to adjust the sprinkler heads so that they do not spray or hit the siding when they are on.

How can I know if these Scoundrels have infiltrated my abode? Call us, we can come and check out your siding and fix any small areas that have been damaged by those dirty rotten scoundrels!


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