Are You Cool Enough?

Here at Advisor Services, we cannot begin to tell you how many swamp coolers we go out to fix because no one serviced them. You wouldn't think to buy a car and never change the air or oil filter; if you did, you most certainly would have a short term investment on your hands. Maintenance is the key to longevity with many things, swamp coolers are no exception. Did you realize that your swamp cooler has Pads, much like a cars air and oil filter. These pads need to be changed. Over time, these pads become clogged and ineffective, putting a load on your swamps motor. You can avoid this issue by servicing your swamp cooler. Advisor recommends that you service your swamp cooler at least twice a year to maintain its efficiency and longevity. You can call us today to book your Summer service; get a fresh start and invest in keeping your cool!


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